Bid for special gifts and help India’s rural poor – before 30 June!

Ebay Celebrity Auction!

We’re staging an auction to help India’s rural poor – with a little help from Bollywood and one of Britain’s best gardeners

Jeevika Trust is participating in the annual Small Charity Week eBay auction from 20 to 30 June to raise vital funds for the Indian village communities that we support.

A leading Bollywood production company, Eros International – which distributes Bollywood films to over 50 countries worldwide – has kindly donated to us an exciting package for you to bid for. The package includes a boxset of Bollywood hits and a one year subscription to the company’s films online worth £72 – as well as a poster of the box office record breaking YEH JEEVANI HAI DEEWANI autographed by its leading star, Deepika Padukone.  We are proud to be supported by a woman famous for her roles depicting independent women in films including ‘Cocktail’ which was a smash hit commercially and with critics alike.

Deepika PadukoneLeading UK gardener Cleve West, winner of seven medals at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and a long term Jeevika Trust supporter, has also made a special donation. Auction participants can bid for a hardback signed copy of his bestselling book Our Plot, which also features Cleve’s beautiful illustrations. A limited edition pen and ink glicee print of one of his ‘Mutant Roots’ – Cleve’s fantasy illustrations of strange and magical vegetables – is on offer as part of the auction package.

Cleve West Mutant Roots Illustration Our PlotThe Small Charity Week eBay auction is a national event raising funds for numerous small charities across the UK.

Becky Buchanan of Jeevika Trust, said:

“We are a small charity that makes a big difference in the communities that it supports in rural India. The media focuses on ‘India the Superpower’. But rural India remains the world’s biggest poverty trap.  For every £1 we make, £3 is generated for the villages we work with. That’s why this Small Charity Week auction is such a great opportunity. Thanks so much to Eros International, and to one of Britain’s favourite gardeners, Cleve West, for their continued support.”

Prices start at just 0.99p so you could grab yourself a bargain! As they say on ebay…happy bidding!

You can bid for the Eros International package here

And you can bid for the Cleve West package here

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Jeevika Trust & the United Nations Shared Vision!

The end of May saw the unveiling of the final report of the UN’s High Level Panel, co-chaired by David Cameron, on what will replace the Millennium Development Goals during the next chapter from 2015 to 2030.

The 12 new Goals proposed in the UN’s report remind me of the 6 goals in Jeevika’s own Operating Plan for our work in village India during the coming 3 years, and what’s nice is the key aims that we share – ‘empowering girls and women’ is the UN’s no. 2 priority, and ‘universal access to water & sanitation’ is their no. 6.

India OoranieActually these are very closely linked, and we rate water & sanitation as the top of our ‘conditions for livelihood’ in the villages where we work: two particular examples are restoring traditional village water resources to stop women wasting half their days walking for water, and channelling rain water from school roofs to supply toilet and washing facilities dedicated for girls to stop them opting out of school.

India Ooranie

Ensuring health & nutrition are the UN’s new no. 4 and 5 Goals, and we see them as equally integral to village livelihood. For example, we support two of our Indian NGO partners providing specialised support to HIV/AIDS sufferers in Tamil Nadu, particularly women, while village seed banks and worm-composting techniques are two ways we help women to set up and maintain kitchen vegetable gardens for better family nutrition.

No. 8 of the new UN goals is ‘creating jobs and sustainable livelihoods’. Extra income generated by women through working in Self Help Groups typically finds its way to the heart of the family in a way that their husbands’ earnings don’t. In Orissa, one of India’s 3 poorest states, our projects for women’s honey-production, and for crab & prawn cultivation for export, are having measurable impacts on family well-being.

Prawn Cultivation Orissa

The phrase ‘Small is Beautiful’ constantly comes to mind when little organisations like Jeevika can contribute to universal development goals by leveraging their efforts through on-the-ground NGO partnerships and women’s groups  in village communities.

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